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Mobile Games Professional


Mobile Games Professional

Mobile Games Professional program will equip our students with a range of design skills that will help to become successful professionals.
Understand the Game Design, Art Workflow & Fundamentals. Creating art, illustrations, animation and UI design for mobile games.
Further students will learn the advanced techniques involved in Mobile games through modeling, rigging and animating 3D-modeled characters for use in mobile games with the help of tools like Blender, Photoshop and Unity Interface.
Games Have Now Become The Most Popular And Profitable Form Of Entertainment. Over The Years, Gaming Has Evolved To Include Different Mediums. We Have Seen Consoles Becoming More Sophisticated, PC Games Becoming Multi-player And More Complex And An Entire Evolution Of NextGen Mobile Games On Smartphones


Term 1 : Game Art & Design

  • Game Production & Design Documents
  • Game Art Fundamental
  • Visual Development for Games
  • Game Art using Photoshop
  • Vector Illustrations for Games
  • Animate for Game Art
  • UI/UX Design for Games

Term 2 : Mobile Gaming Design

  • Mobile Game Pipeline
  • Game Art for Mobile
  • Introduction to 3D -Blender
  • Game Level Design
  • Essentials of Unity
  • Mobile Gaming Portfolio

Exit Profile:

  • Mobile Game Designers
  • Level Designers
  • Technical Artists
  • 2D / 3D Asset Artists
  • Texture Artist
  • 2D / 3D Game Animators
  • Mobile Game UI|UX Designer

Top companies Hire:

  • Little Red Zombies
  • 99 Games
  • Flying Robot Studios
  • Holy Cow Productions
  • Apar Games
  • Nazara


  • Lakshya Digital
  • Dhruva Interactive
  • Rockstar Games
  • Yoozoo Games
  • Nukebox Studios
  • Sumo Digital
  • interactive learning content
  • Certification Path
  • Industry Trends
  • Export Advice
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Social Learning